Moods are like clouds in the sky - .
They come and go

Riding Bipolar is Everything Bipolar

The Vision for Riding Bipolar

The vision is to create a safe place for those effected by Bipolar, to come together with the common goal of supporting one another. Whether the one who lives the Bipolar life, or someone in their close support network.

The hope is to create a valuable point of reference for future discussions in the form of a video course. A course that will cover a range of valuable insights relating to Bipolar.

However, the real dream is for us to create an incredible resource of information for future generations, whilst we work together towards general awareness, the de-stigmatisation & normalisation of this Bipolar Disorder.

The story behind Riding Bipolar

It was during the 2019 Covid-19 lockdowns, I was miserable because my business sales just stopped overnight and I felt hopeless.

This made me bored out of my mind and feeling even more miserable by the day. Nothing worse than boredom and Bipolar. I needed a reason to get up in the morning. I needed a project to work on....

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