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Community Rules

Do we really need this? I'd like to think this stuff would be common sense to be honest.

The short version:

  1. Please keep it clean. No swearing.
  2. No being offensive.
  3. If someone is being offensive, use the button.
  4. No posting other peoples content.

Keep it clean

The essence of this website is the coming together of people effected by Bipolar, whether the one who has Bipolar or someone in their close support network. With the common goal of supporting and helping one another.

We need to recognise that some people take offence to swearing /bad language (I don't. I swear consistently lol), so please keep everything clean. The goal is being able to make our combined knowledge available to the maximum number of people including possibly the child of someone living a Bipolar life.

I dream of creating a valuable resource for future generations, after all "It's easier standing on the shoulders of giants"

No being offensive

Being offensive to other members is unacceptable. Again, this platform was developed to facilitate people effected by Bipolar supporting each other, not for bringing people down.

This does include the content that you post.


What to do if someone is being offensive

So, if you find yourself close to angry mode with another member, end the conversation with "I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. I wish you the best".

If someone is being offensive to you, hit the to report it. These reports will be dealt with. Please do not retaliate and break these rules.

No posting other peoples content

Please don't upload content that doesn't belong to you. If I receive reports from content owners that you have, I'll delete all your content and block your account. I'll genuinely be disappointed to lose you.

That's about it! Boring bit over. I hope you enjoy getting involved!